About us

The Team

FRC Team 4761, “The Robockets” assembled in 2012 to support students emerging from FLL programs as they entered Reading Memorial High School.  The Ultimate Ascent game challenge was our team’s first season. The team, comprising of 18 students and 5 mentors, competed in the Boston Regional event without any funding.
Since then, the team has gone on to win many competitions and receive many awards for our entrepreneurship, outreach, and creativity. Check out the full list of awards here!

OUr mission

FRC Team 4761 “The Robockets” promotes a fun and interactive, out of the classroom, educational experience for Reading students that supports the STEM (Science, Technology,  Engineering and Math) initiatives within our schools. We challenge students to collaborate as peers with adult mentors who are subject matter experts in the business and technical disciplines required to make a successful team/business. The Robockets students foster innovation to challenge themselves with hands on learning to design, fund, and build a robot. The team relies on cooperation, compromise, sportsmanship and strategy to overcome challenges. Through this, we take pride in our accomplishments and gain life skills. One of our greatest achievements is meeting new people and building relationships and alliances, thus creating an expansive community. This process enables students to contribute to the community and develop excitement for STEM careers.