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Chain Reaction Event



Sign-up Sheet

This event will be held at Reading Memorial High School (RMHS) on November 19th. Set up will start at 9 AM.


Building Requirements: 

Size and Weight Requirements: Maximum length 6 feet, maximum width 2 feet, maximum height 4 feet. (So it can be moved easily)

String Pull Requirements: Each section must start and end with the pull of a string. The strings should tie easily to neighboring links. The strings must be at least 2 inches long and the pulling action must move the string with a force of about 0.5 Newton. *

*What does a force of 0.5 Newton feel like? Tie a string to an unopened can of beans, pumpkin, tomatoes, etc. (commonly 15 ounces or 425 grams). Place the can upright on a flat surface and pull the string parallel to the surface with enough strength to slide the can 1 meter (39 inches) in 1 second. That’s about 0.5 Newton of force.

Duration Requirements: Once activated, your link should take between 30 seconds and 3 minutes to complete its sequence of movements. Try making the link complex with many different steps, and try to control the speed of moving parts (such as a tilting lever or rolling ball) so they’re not too fast.

Reading Theme Challenge: Try to include reading theme aspects to your part of the chain reaction!

Other requirements include…


  • Do not use live animals.
  • Do not use open flames. 
  • Do not use hazardous chemicals. 
  • Small amounts of baking soda and vinegar are OK.
  • Avoid bleach, motor oil, strong cleaners, or anything that’s found only in chemistry labs. 
  • Water can be used, but limit the amount to 1 cup or less. 
  • Batteries can be used, but do not use devices that need to be plugged in because power outlets are not available.
  • All participants must follow the Reading Public Schools Allergy Guidelines (AKA NO LATEX GLOVES & NO DAIRY PRODUCTS!). 
  • Test, test, test! Before you come to the event, make sure your link’s chain reaction is repeatable and reliable.

Space requirements will depend on the number of signups, but we will need tables and open space. The sections do not need to be in one straight line, but it is preferred.