About the event

The North Shore District Event is an enormous robotics competition event for high school students in the FIRST organization. From March 14th through March 15th, 40 teams will compete in a basketball-sized court on high stakes, high school programming, teenager-grade robot designs, and elbow-grease. This is the culmination of six weeks of hard, graciously professional work in high schools around the country to solve given problems for the season's competition.

What to expect?

*The event is FREE to public attendance.*
The event tends to run from 8:00AM in the morning to around 8:00PM in the afternoon with breaks for lunch and opening ceremonies. Feel free to stop by and check out all of the teams in the pit areas as well. It's a perfect small trip for families.

More Info

You can read about last year's event on the NEFIRST page.
As the event approaches, more information will be available. Check back soon!

About the Game

The following animation provides a brief synopsis of how the game is played. Teams play this game in randomly selected teams of 3 in a "regular season"-like structure to determine their competitive seed. On Sunday, robotics clubs, based on their seed, will pick their own teams of three and enter the best-of-three playoffs.