What Being A Leader Means

Being a leader means a lot of things, but namely, YOU’re the one in charge. This means that you need to dish out tasks, accept constructive criticism, and plan for the future.

Different positions require different amounts of commitment, but every position requires a significant amount of time and effort! Anyone can be a leader, but be aware of the commitment and responsibility that you’d be taking on! 

Specific information on all the leadership positions and team structure can be found below. If you have any questions, email robockets.4761@gmail.com or contact a current lead on Slack!

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Team Structure


There are 2 presidents on the team: Technical and Business presidents. These are the HEADS OF THE TEAM! They manage everything, including giving guidance and direction to all the leads and members! This is a massive commitment, but a great learning experience for future innovators!



There are many leads on our team, and each one is in charge of a specific part of our team. As a lead, it’s your job to communicate with both the members on your sub-team, and updating other leads on what you’re working on. This is a tough responsibility, but it’s definitely worth it!

All Leadership Positions


Mentors on our team are here to do one thing: help us know what we don’t know. Their job is NOT to do things for us, but relying on their help in important scenarios is something that is necessary of everyone. However, as a lead or president, it’s your job to reach out to mentors when you need to.

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Lead Positions

Technical President

Maureen Manning (2024)

As the Technical President, it’s your job to make sure the team runs smoothly. You would be the highest level of management. However, you are not the only one responsible for building the robot, and you are not the only voice on the team!

– Facilitate team discussions/AAR
– Mediate disagreements within the team leads
– Order resources using the team card
– Maintain purchase list
– Ensure shop is clean and safe
– Delegate miscellaneous 0 responsibilities (ordering lunch, etc.)
– Facilitate team leads meeting and general communication
– Staying in contact with the mentors



Business President

Jonathan MacCaughey (2025)

As the Business President, it’s your job to help the team run smoothly while working with the Technical President. You will need to learn how to reach out to your local community and host events while maintaining the team.

– Organize finances; including fundraising, financial management/allocation
– Delegate business responsibilities w/in the business team
– Facilitate outreach events/ general team events
– Manage sponsor, parent, and community relations
– In charge of general management of team social medias


Design Lead

   Joe Qi (2024)

The design lead position involves teaching other students CAD software and using it to design yourself. The software we use is OnShape.

– Delegate manufacturing responsibilities and follow up on completion
– Facilitate design discussions
– Create and oversee CAD model
– Update designs based on challenges team runs into
– Be clear and make sure the team knows about all changes and their purpose
– When designing robot, get input from rest of leads responsibilities (ordering lunch, etc.)


Mechanical Lead

   Joshua Boran (2025)

As this lead, you’re in charge of managing the PRODUCTION OF THE ROBOT (pretty important!)

– Ensure the robot is functional
– Delegate manufacturing responsibilities and follow up on completion
– Facilitate development of component teams with the technical president and Design Lead
– Develop a schedule of production
– Oversee Mechanical training for new members with the help of other leads
– Facilitate discussions on whether scope needs to be cut
– Facilitate discussions to identify the cause of setbacks and the solutions


Programming Lead

   Alistair Lyons (2025)

In this position, it’s your job to teach new programmers how to code in JAVA using WPILib with robots and organize programmers to actually work on the robot…

– Delegate programming tasks to other members
– Teach new members Java fundamentals, Github, robot code, and teamwork
– Facilitate testing with other leads and at competitions



Strategy Lead

   Miles Lynch (2025)

This position requires you to develop team strategy for each specific year and their associating competition. In addition, you will be expected to communicate with other teams.

– Facilitate strategy discussions during the early stages of kickoff
– Work with Technical president to hold drive-team tryouts
– Work with drive-team to develop standard match plays
– Work with programming lead to develop auto-code
– Facilitate and understand scouting during competitions
– Announce alliance decisions on the field during competitions
– Being in the stands during competitions


Electrical Lead

   Blake Thomas (2025)

As the electrical lead, you will be in charge of the electrical components of the robot (wires, PCBs, nonsense, and LEDs).

– Learn basic electrical knowledge
– Facilitate the growth of electrical knowledge
– Work with the mechanical lead and tech president to develop an electrical board placement early on in the design process
– Ensure all electrical components are secure, functional, and accessible
– Troubleshooting electrical issues at competitions
– Teach and share electrical knowledge to the other members


Shop Lead

As the shop lead, you’re in charge of maintaining our main workspace: the shop! You’ll need to make sure that it remains clean, tidy, and SAFE.

– Ensure the shop is in order
– Knowing the location of most tools, parts, stock
– Keeping track of stock and knowing when to order items
– Keep things organized
– Keep members informed on the locations of materials and tools
– Maintain the balance of the universe.


Project Manager

   Gianna Gagliardi (2024)

The project manager position requires you to maintain the pacing of the production of the robot while keeping the team on schedule 

– Ensuring that each of the robot mechanisms are going well
– General schedule and timeline
– Talk amongst the groups and make sure they are working together and in conjunction
– Keeping the groups on tasks
– Integration of teams and mechanisms
– Sharing of knowledge and ideas
– Developing a method to record daily progress to share and discuss with the rest of the team




Our Current Presidents 2023-24

Jonathan MacCaughey 

Business President

Graduating 2025!


Maureen Manning

Technical President

Graduating 2024!